All radio documentaries were written, and narrated by Kelley Jo Burke for CBC Radio's IDEAS. All were produced by Dave Redel. Executive producer Bernie Lucht. 

Shame on You(tube): premiere broadcast May 25, 2015

 We are watched. Caught on ubiquitous cellphone cams. Tweeted in real time. Judged by a capricious social media jury.  Andy Warhol predicted that everyone would have 15 minutes of fame.  Kelley Jo Burke asks how we live in a world where everyone might have 15 minutes of shame.

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Ducks on the Moon: A Parent Meets Autism

Regina playwright and producer, Kelley Jo Burke was an orderly woman with an orderly life. In 2000, she had a perfect baby. But by 2004, order was out the window, as she tried to cope with her perfect but "special" boy. In this performance-documentary, annotated by comments from specialists and other parents, she talks about meeting and accepting her son’s autism."


The Word for World is Imagination: The Many Worlds of Ursula K. Le Guin

A 2 hour exploration of the life and writing of U.K Le Guin. 


 Ursula Le Guin and Neil Gaimen


Fat Girls Sweet:

 Rubens--The Judgement of Paris

The various parts of a fat woman's body narrate this exploration of living large and largely happy in an over-sized body. 




Mothers of Miscarriage

Raphael-- The Visitation

Looks at North America's struggle with developing a cultural response to miscarriage--is it a death, or a medical event? Do you offer sympathy, or look away? 

Do You Believe in Magic?



Magic: The Gathering, the most successful collectible card game in the world: an accidental billion dollar windfall for its creators, or the sign of things to come? 



Chorus of Angels



A travelogue into the mind of a woman with Multiple Personality Disorder, guided by the competing voices in her head, made audible by a cast of actors. A "Best of IDEAS" pick.