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Dear Kelley Jo,
I listened to your drama DUCKS ON THE MOON on CBC IDEAS on Friday, April 16, which I enjoyed. I appreciate your dilemna - in particular using your creative powers about your son, - something you do not bring up but which I'm sure occurrs to you. Would be interested in your feed-back about this.

I myself am the mother of an autistic son, now age 33. I went through the same trauma as you - only worse, because little was known by 'experts' about autism in the early 1980s when my son was diagnosed, nor about mothering except that mothers were regarded as "refrigerator mothers", causing their child's autism - a common attitude among professionals at the time.

I wrote a book about raising my son - its focus was on how he became violent in his teens and how we coped (sort of. . .) I felt guilty at times writing about Julian (I used his real name ) but in the end I felt I was helping other parents who go through the same terrible ordeal when their children become violent, usually in their teens. . . and I mean VIOLENT and SELF-MUTILATING! Your son hasnt hit his teens yet. You may have quite a lot of trauma to go through I'm afraid . . . or not, so my book may help you recognise the warning symptoms & also give you some knowledge of medications.

My book is: My Sad Is All Gone, A Family's Triumph Over Violent Autism. Lucky Press, 2004.
I'm also on Google! Have given many talks & presentations on the subject.

I'd like to send you a copy of the book, if you wish, but will need some sort of mailing address..
We probably have a lot in common. I'm in Toronto.

Would like to be in touch if you have the time. . .

With all good wishes,
Thelma Wheatley.

Apr 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterThelma Wheatley

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